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Palermo, the vibrant Sicilian capital, is a diverse city steeped in ancient history, enchanting architecture, awe-inspiring music, art, and much more. Being the most conquered city in the world, Palermo is Italy’s hub of culture as it has preserved the essence of every settler that dominated it. With breathtaking landscapes, magnificent historical sites, wonderful museums, beautiful beaches, bustling streets, and diverse local delicacies, Palermo is a sight to behold. 

However, this dreamy trip to Palermo can quickly turn into agonizing torment if you are stuck lugging hefty suitcases and baggage through the crowded streets and exhausting stairs. This is where Baggage Way comes into the picture to become your hero.

Get yourself the flexibility of exploring your favorite destinations without being slowed down by cumbersome bags by stashing them away with Baggage Way. We are a short-term bag storage service in Palermo that ensures you make the most of your trip without worrying about your belongings. 

Baggage Way provides a secure and reliable space to store your bags while you are out and about in Palermo exploring its charm. Our luggage stores in Palermo are scattered throughout the city, especially near every prime location. So, whether you are at Palermo Centrale or just arrived at Palermo Airport, just drop your luggage to our nearby facility and live the most ideal trip with no bags or luggage to carry. 

Explore Palermo Hands-Free

Palermo is the most energetic and diverse city with so many different cultures, religions, and races living in harmony with each other. From bustling colorful streets and lovely music to the 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Palermo is truly an impressive city to stroll around and marvel at. Nobody would want to ruin their experience of such a marvelous place by carrying heavy bags through crowded markets.

With the extensive network of Baggage Way, explore Palermo hands-free as you will find our luggage storage partners anywhere, anytime. Whether you are near a famous attraction or outside your faraway BnB apartment, we will be nearby to save your day. Baggage Way takes care of your personal belongings like theirs, so you bid farewell to carrying heavy bags and say hello to your comfort.

Your Guide to Explore Palermo

Live the beauty of Palermo in true Italian fashion. Eat through the bustling streets, explore iconic historical icons, and discover why it is stated as the Italian capital of culture. Begin your day with breakfast at the outdoor sitting of Casa Stagnitta. Enjoy the views of the historic center of Palermo while savoring the best breakfast. 

From here, head over to Palermo Cathedral which looks less like a church and more like a castle that houses the tomb of King Roger II. This cathedral, along with ones located in Cefalu and  Monreale, is considered as a single unit of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the amazing view of the city from the rooftop of Palermo Cathedral. 

Quattro Canti, also called The Four Corners, is the beautiful Baroque area of Palermo where two main streets meet each other. This Piazza Vigliena features buildings with perfectly similar elevations consisting of three levels. The first level presents the Season, the second level presents the King, and the third level is the Saint. 

Teatro Massimo, the third largest Opera house in Europe, is another must-visit site in Palermo. You can also book one of the shows there to experience Italian art and culture. Walk through aesthetic and eye-catching alleyways absorbing the vibrancy of this city. 

Get yourself the freedom from lugging heavy suitcases through the streets of Palermo by taking advantage of the premium luggage storage service of Baggage Way. Whether you are a local wanting to store your bags while you shop or a tourist wishing to book heavy luggage to become hands-free, Baggage Way serves the needs of everyone. 

Beyond a Conventional Luggage Storage Facility

Baggage Way is more than mere left luggage in Palermo Centrale as not only does it store your bags but also provides you peace of mind so that you enjoy your trip to the maximum. Our highly trained professionals ensure that your belongings are stored in secure places with strong surveillance so that your stuff stays in place. 

Take the extra items off your hands and book them with Baggage Way. Whether you have large bags or heavy equipment, we store it all. Our service is active 24/7 to serve you at any time. No matter if you reach here late at night or want to access your bags to take out something, we will fulfill all your needs. 

Unlike other luggage storage services, we also provide our customers with the flexibility of changing their reservations as we understand the uncertainty of travel plans. Set off to roam around the unique and diverse markets of Palermo stress-free and hands-free by leaving your worries to Baggage Way.

Grab a Luggage Storage spot Near you

Our user-friendly and interactive mobile application has made luggage storage as convenient as ever before. The only thing you need to follow is 3-Ds.

  • Download our mobile application
  • Decide the storage facility near you
  • Drop your bags at our luggage storage center

Frequently Asked Questions

The luggage storage at such a prime location of Central Station can be expensive. With Baggage Way, luggage storage costs only 5$ / bag for a day. We offer fixed prices with no hidden charges and taxes. 

Baggage Way offers secure left luggage lockers that are completely safe. We have installed high-quality cameras and locks in our facilities to ensure the safety of your belongings. With our top-notch security, you can be assured that your belongings are in safe hands.

The luggage storage facilities do not allow the flexibility of booking in advance. But Baggage Way understands the importance of time in traveling. Therefore, you can easily book your baggage in advance and save your precious time.

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