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Florence, the City of Lillies, the place you’ve likely been dreaming of visiting for months. You probably have a whole list of cafes, landmarks, and museums you can’t wait to check out. But here’s the problem: your luggage. 

You can’t simply leave your suitcases and bags in a random place in the city. Yet, you also don’t want to drain your wallet by booking a room for the entire day while you explore the city, especially in a city as pricey as Florence. 

This is where Baggage Way comes in. We take care of your luggage while you pursue your adventurous dreams. Think of us as that reliable friend who’s always there when you need them. With our conveniently located storage facilities scattered throughout the city, you won’t have to travel far to find a safe spot for your luggage. 

So go ahead and immerse yourself in the beauty of Florence, knowing that your possessions are in good hands with Baggage Way.

How It Works

  • Discover Nearby Locations: Download the Baggage Way app to find nearby luggage storage places in Milan
  • Reserve and Pay: Check the availability of the location and book/pay via the app
  • Drop Off: Drop off your hold luggage at the selected location
  • Explore Bag-Free: Enjoy your time without carrying heavy bags

Locations Around Florence 

  • Santa Maria Novella Train Station
  • Florence Airport
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo)
  • Santa Croce
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Pitti Palace
  • San Marco Square

Why Should Baggage Way Be Your First Choice?

  1. Affordable Rates

Baggage Way offers competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. We understand the importance of keeping travel expenses in check. Our affordable rates ensure that you can enjoy peace of mind without worrying about excessive costs.

  1. Hassle-Free Process

Baggage Way prides itself on simplicity. Say goodbye to complicated procedures and lengthy check-in processes. With straightforward luggage drop-off and pick-up procedures, you can spend less time dealing with logistics and more time enjoying your travels. Simply download our app, check the nearest facility, book the slot, pay, and voila, you’re all set.

  1. Convenient Locations 

Baggage Way has many locations all over Florence, despite it being a relatively small city, to ensure you don’t get tired before your adventure even begins. So, relax and explore the city and its lively environment. The remarkable art, Renaissance architecture, and cultural aspects found in the city are undeniably worth the visit.

  1. Enhanced Security

We never want our belongings in the wrong hands, which is why it’s crucial to choose the best option for keeping our luggage safe. A simple mistake can lead to us losing our favorite outfits, and travel essentials, as well as a hefty amount of money, something no one wants to experience. This is why Baggage Way takes all the security measures needed to keep the tension out of your mind.

  1. Careful Handling

At Baggage Way, we treat your luggage as if it were our own. Our team handles each item with care and respect, ensuring that it’s stored properly and remains in pristine/perfect condition until you’re ready to retrieve it.

  1. Top-Notch Customer Service

We take pride in our work and guarantee a job well done. However, taking care of luggage is not the only thing we excel at. We also strive to assist our customers in every way possible, addressing all questions they may have related to any difficulties they may face. We provide full assurance of the safety of their belongings and prepare them for the adventures that lie ahead on their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily find luggage storage facilities at train stations in Florence, such as the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. Baggage Way has its main facility right outside the station, allowing people to quickly drop their suitcases and start exploring the city.

You can find storage lockers at various locations, including train stations, the airport, and some tourist areas. Baggage Way is your friend in need, as we offer convenient storage solutions at multiple locations throughout the city.


Visiting one of Italy's major cities, Florence, could be an exciting experience indeed. Baggage Way ensures that you make the best out of your time while you are there. So, we provide luggage holding services at multiple locations to offer travelers a convenient way to store their belongings while exploring the city's attractions and landmarks.

Yes. You can typically find coin lockers in public places such as train stations, airports, and bus terminals in Florence. You can use coin-operated lockers to temporarily store your things. This helps you feel relaxed and free to explore without worrying about your belongings.

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