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Visiting a city like Milan is nothing less than a dream come true. Known as one of the world’s fashion capitals, the city brims with excitement and vibrancy. When we think of Milan, images of historical landmarks, iconic culture, bustling streets, and an overall enthusiastic vibe flood our minds, don’t they?

The last thing you want to deal with while exploring such a dynamic city is lugging around bulky suitcases and heavy bags from spot to spot.

Well, no need to worry, because Baggage Way ensures you can make the most of your trip without worrying about your belongings. 

We provide convenient luggage storage facilities near every significant landmark in Milan. You can drop off your items with us no matter where you are in the city. Our user-friendly app is designed specifically for this purpose, allowing you to leave your baggage with us and explore carefree!

How It Works

  • Discover Nearby Locations: Download the Baggage Way app to find nearby luggage storage places in Milan
  • Reserve and Pay: Check the availability of the location and book/pay via the app
  • Drop Off: Drop off your hold luggage at the selected location
  • Explore Bag-Free: Enjoy your time without carrying heavy bags

Locations Around Milan

Here’s a list of the main spots in Milan where we offer left luggage services:

  • Milano Centrale 
  • Duomo di Milano
  • Milano Porta 
  • Milano Malpensa Airport
  • Porta Nuova District
  • Milan’s Chinatown
  • Milano Linate Airport
  • Sforza Castle 
  • Corso Como
  • San Siro Stadium

Why Choose Us?

  • Accessibility

Our luggage storage facilities are strategically positioned near all the attractions you may want to visit. Whether you’re at Milan Central train station or the San Siro stadium, you’ll find our facilities conveniently spread throughout the city. There’s no need to travel far to drop off your bags! Just locate the nearest Baggage Way facility and entrust your belongings to us. With our widespread presence across Milan, you can freely explore without the burden of carrying your luggage everywhere.

  • Budget-friendly

Ensuring your travel expenses stay within budget is a top priority for us. That’s why we’ve made sure our services are not only convenient but also budget-friendly. Our pricing is flexible, catering to travelers with varying budgets. 

Whether you’re a solo adventurer with just a backpack or a family with multiple suitcases our per-bag pricing ensures fairness and affordability for everyone. So, no matter how much or how little you’re carrying, you can trust Baggage Way to keep your belongings safe without breaking the bank.

  • Reliability

At Baggage Way, we don’t just offer luggage storage – we provide a safe space where your belongings are treated with utmost care and attention. Our facilities feature secure lockers and dedicated staff who handle your items as if they are their own. You can always rely on our services which are backed by countless positive reviews from satisfied customers worldwide. Rest assured, when you choose Baggage Way, your belongings are in good hands, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while exploring Milan.

  • 24/7 Availability 

Are you eager to experience the vibrant nightlife of Milan but worried about what to do with your bags? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Day or night, our services are available around the clock. The majority of our facilities across the city are open 24/7 to accommodate you. Whether you need to drop off your bags or pick them up, you can always count on Baggage Way to be your reliable partner.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

What sets us apart is our dedication and effort in serving our customers. Our main goal is to provide top-notch service without any hassle. To achieve this, we ensure that our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to solving any concerns you may have before or after booking our service. Whether it’s assistance with reservations, resolving payment queries, or providing local insights, you can count on us to deliver support every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find luggage lockers in Milan at Milano Centrale Train Station, Malpensa and Linate Airport, near historical landmarks, famous boutiques, cafes, and bars. Baggage Way ensures that whether you have just arrived at the station or are taking your flight back, we are conveniently located at every corner of Milan.

Luggage storage in Milan could be expensive, considering the city is known for being one of the most expensive cities in Italy. But with Baggage Way, the cost begins at only €5.0 per bag for the whole day which is super easy on the wallet too.


Milano Centrale is Italy's second-largest train station, offering various luggage storage options both inside and outside the station. However, these options may strain your budget. For a more convenient choice, turn to Baggage Way. Our main facility is just outside the station, allowing you to drop off your luggage upon arrival and explore freely.


Yes! You can conveniently make use of the baggage drop service at Milano Centrale to ensure a smooth and worry-free trip.

Baggage Way’s main facility is just outside Milan Central Train Station. We're known for top-notch security with strong locks and continuous monitoring to keep your belongings safe.

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